CHANGING PAGE CONTENT - (text, images, links, posts etc…)

Managing Content on your website

How do you go about adding information to your webpages? The tools are quite simple and easy to learn how to use.

This tutorial will walk you through blocks and how they work.

The Basics

All of the information on your pages, aside from the Title, will be inside what are called “Blocks”. Blocks are come in multiple types, but this tutorial will only be going into the most commonly used blocks.

Each page will begin with a title and a default block at the top. Simply select the block and start typing in order to add your content.

Adding and Removing Blocks

Blocks have several ways in which you can add new ones. First, you can add a new block simply by selecting your default block and hitting “enter”. 

There will be three different “+” symbols on your page which can also all be used to add more blocks.

Each block has a “+” on their right end when you have it selected, when there are multiple blocks there will be a “+” bar in-between them, and at the top left of your editor there will be a third “+”.

Each “+” box will give you the option to choose a certain type of block, which will typically be “Paragraph”, but you can also select list or any of the other blocks which will give you blocks formatted for different content such as images or bullet-points (lists).

You can also insert a block directly above or below an already existing block by selecting the block, clicking the three vertical dots on the block’s toolbar, and selecting the options “Insert Before” or “Insert After”. (Note: The block toolbar may not show up on an empty block, there must be content inside).

To delete a block, simply select the block, empty any content from inside by backspacing, and then hitting “backspace” on the empty block.

Moving Blocks

Moving your blocks around is also quite simple, with two main ways of doing this. First, when selecting a block you will notice in the toolbar six dots on the left side. If you click and hold these dots, you can drag your block any number of blocks up or down.

Also in this toolbar, next to the six dots, you will notice arrows that point up and down. Clicking these arrows will move the block up or down by one block at a time.