Files on your GforGov website are controlled through Google Drive rather than manually uploaded to the website. 

Adding Files to your GforGov Website

Are you curious about how to add files to your website? Not a problem.

This tutorial will walk you through how to add and update files on your GforGov site.

First Things First

There should be in your Assigned Google Drive a folder made specifically for your website. Within that folder, you will find other folders that link to a specific webpage. Files placed within this folder will show up on the linked page.

Be sure that you are logged in with your ASSIGNED google account to access these folders.

Moving Files

There are a couple ways to move your files into the proper folder, a couple only can be used on a desktop.

If the file you would like to place in the page folder is already in your drive, the first way in which you can move it into the right folder is by dragging and dropping it into the folder from where it is. 

The second way is by right-clicking on the file, selecting “Move To”, finding the folder you would like to move it to, then select “Move Here” after selecting the proper folder.

What About Windows?

If you are on a windows machine, there are other ways in which you can move your files. First, if you don’t already, you should set up a Google File Stream for easy access of your Google Drive Files through your computer’s storage files. 

Once you have a Google File Stream, you’ll want to go into your computer files, find “My Drive”, then search for your file. 

Once you have your file, you can either drag and drop the file into your folder in the same way you would in the previously mentioned steps, or you can right-click the file, select “cut”, and then paste it into the proper folder.

Bonus Tip

Files can also be moved around on your mobile device. You can hold down the file until it is selected, and then select the folder icon with an arrow pointing right in the top selection bar, this is the “Move to” button.