This article will give you information on where to find helpful articles relating to managing the content of your website.

Please review the below article before starting to edit the site:
Welcome to your new GforGov Website

If you are not already set up as an editor, please let us know.

As you will see from the article, the website content is controlled from three (3) places:

* GforGov Editor - text, pics, links, posts, etc.
* Google Drive - documents & other files
* Google Calendar - calendar events

To access the GforGov editor you will go to your website and type in "gforgov-admin":


If you are logged into your Google Workspace account, you should be taken straight to the dashboard. If not, you will be prompted to login with a Google account. At that point, you must login to your Google account. Please refer to be below article for editing info:

Managing Website Page Content

You can access the folder with all of the files from the Google Drive app in the browser/mobile or from the Drive for Desktop tool. Please refer to the following articles:

Managing Shared Files and Folders in Drive
Google Drive and the "Shared with me" Label
Downloading Drive on Windows Desktop

You can manage the calendar from the Google calendar app on the browser or mobile device. Please refer to the below article:

Managing Calendar Events on the Website

You can find more help articles on our Help Desk as well.

If you have trouble accessing the editor, files or events, please let us know and we will get you set up.